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If the lawn on your property has withered and you are struggling to keep your exterior looking pristine, why not consider an artificial turf installation? Many people favor artificial grass since it is more convenient for busy lifestyles. Get in touch with Artificial Turf Plus & Supply, a well-respected local supplier and installer in Tulare, CA. I provide multiple options for all kinds of residential and commercial settings. To become more familiar with my work, read the rest of this page.

The Services You Can Schedule

Artificial Turf Supply & Installation

Artificial Turf Supply & Installation
I am a professional local turf supplier who has access to different kinds of artificial grass. I supply and install a variety of artificial turf for contractors and homeowners. If your property looks unkempt due to landscaping problems, call me, I have plenty of materials to offer you. I am aware of the installation process and will carry out the job professionally and safely. 

Pet-Friendly Turf

Pet-Friendly Turf
The pet friendly artificial grass I deliver can make way for a drain system to avoid flooding. Additionally, the synthetic material is super durable, easy to clean & maintain, and has non-absorbing components. It is suitable for dogs and all other types of pets. To have an artificial lawn that looks amazing and is safe for your pets, call me now. 

Playground Turf

Playground Turf
I also provide high-quality playground turf from local sources, so you don't have to pay high delivery prices. It consists of an advanced polymer, a UV-protection system, and is hardwearing. The material looks great and is safe for children. For supplies of different amounts, call me now. 

Crossfit & Fitness Turf

Crossfit & Fitness Turf
If you are looking for the best grass for your CrossFit and fitness exercise programs, here I am. I can provide you with highly-durable synthetic grass for your exercises. If you work as a fitness instructor or love to spend time outdoors in fitness training, I am ready to offer you my highly-effective products. 


I accept orders for landscape in-fills, as well. It is a type of artificial grass that suits the needs of my residential and commercial clients. In-fills are made up of small pieces of crushed material placed over the top of the artificial grass and lay within the blades of grass. The synthetic turf gives a more plush and real-looking appearance.

Nails & Staples

Nails & Staples
Generally speaking, I like working on nail and staple artificial grass installations. I use the nails and staples to secure the grass to the sub-base and will help anchor the synthetic grass to the ground. Made from quality galvanized steel, they are there to provide ultimate strength and durability.

Beneficial Work

I am aware of all the steps of artificial grass installation. My products and services offer instant rejuvenation and beautification of your property’s exterior. I offer quality turf with different levels of durability and texture, which are suitable for various settings. The truth is that my synthetic products always look pleasing to the eye in all types of weather because it does not have a direct impact on the appearance of the turf. 

How I Handle It

I am a knowledgeable and diligent artificial turf supplier, familiar with the basics and purposes of the project. If you picture plastic-like and hard-to-touch grass underneath your feet, that is not the case. I provide different options to my customers in Tulare, CA that resemble the look and feel of real lawns. I carefully prepare the area, check for any underground utilities, remove the existing grass and soil, and install the layer of turf, along with the right drainage system. 

The Areas I Serve

I provide services and products to customers from the following locations and their adjoining areas:

  • Tulare, CA
  • Matheny, CA
  • Lindsay, CA
  • Farmersville, CA
  • Exeter, CA
  • Woodlake, CA

Need to consult with a synthetic turf specialist for your project? Contact Artificial Turf Plus & Supply today. For any questions, call me now.

Client’s Testimonial

Very Content With Your Product!

You blew me away with your professional service. Honestly, I never thought synthetic grass could look that attractive. Thank you so much for the success of my project. You are a competent and scrupulous turf supplier, and I will recommend you to my friends.

Artificial Turf Plus & Supply
Address: Tulare, CA 93274
Phone: (559) 257-2227

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